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Roads at the airport

One reaches the Leonardo da Vinci Airport of Fiumicino through the area "Kiss&Go 15 minutes", a Controlled Traffic Area (ZTC) reserved for passengers and those who accompany them directed to / from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. 

In the "Kiss&Go 15 minutes" area there are some specific parking spaces reserved for those vehicles possessing the disabled parking sticker at the Arrivals level, in the P1 car park in front of Terminal 1 and P3 in front of Terminal 3.

The owners of the disabled parking sticker can also access the following parking areas identified with road signs:

at the Departures level, in front of the entrances to Terminal 1, 2 and 3, in the vicinity of the Assistance Request Points,

at the Arrivals level in front of Terminal 1 (near the taxi hub) and in front of Terminal 3 (after the stop area of reserved for NCC - Car rent with driver) in Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL). Stop&Go.

Stop & Go is an area normally reserved for authorised operators (Taxi, NCC, etc.), so as not to incur in penalties the access to the Limited Traffic Area (ZTL) has to be validated, communicating within the successive14 days to the access, the license plate of the car and the information given on the disabled parking sticker.