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How to request the assistance


In accordance with EC Regulation 1107/2006, ADR Assistance ensures passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility (PRM) a comprehensive and free service at Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.


Assistance services for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) must be requested from the Airline or Tour Operator when booking the flight, or at least 48 hours before the departure time. Only in this way is it possible to ensure the ready availability of resources and equipment required for assistance at the airport. In the absence of a booking, for aeronautical safety reasons, the airline may not be able to ensure boarding on the chosen flight.


The airport offers assistance modulated according to the type of disability coding at an international level by IATA: 

• visually impaired or blind passengers (code BLND);

• passengers with hearing impairments (code DEAF);

• passengers with intellectual or behavioural disabilities (code DPNA);

• passengers with various levels of motor disability:

  • people who cannot travel long distances; they can go up and down stairs; independent on board the aircraft and on short distances (code WCHR);
  • people who cannot travel long distances and cannot go up and down stairs; independent on board the aircraft and on short distances (code WCHS);
  • people who are completely immobile and non self-sufficient with the need for total assistance (code WCHC).


If you are unable to book, the airport will do its best to assist you. However, there may be long waiting times before being greeted by one of our Operators.
Upon arrival at the airport, with or without a booking, the request for PRM assistance must be activated directly at the check-in desk of the selected airline or at one of the other contact points in the Terminals (info desk) or in the external areas (yellow information boards).