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The current online version of the ADR Assistance website dedicated to disabled passengers (DP) was planned with the intention of improving to the maximum the use and accessibility of the web pages. Guaranteeing access to information as dictated by law at airports is also pivotal in improving communication via internet.

The pages of this site follow the CNIPA guidelines (National Public Administration IT Centre) following the Stanca Law(Law 4 of 9/1/2004) that indicates "Devices to improve disabled peoples' access to information technology".

References for regulations and standards are:
- CNIPA guidelines
- Guidelines for W3C (WAI project) accessibility
- ISO Accessiblity standard

Accessibility study precludes a technical aspect and a sensitivity and comprehension aspect. These aspects award a level accessibility vote for the site (according to WAI indications).

From a technical point of view, the pages:
- are created in XHTML 1.0 Strict
- lay out uses CSS style sheets
- no frames, or non accessible java or flash
- resizeable text 
- easy navigation with surfing tools.

For reading understanding, use and easy surfing we tried to standardise the site layout by keeping the main navigation bar above and the secondary bar on the left, telling the user where they are.

The pages on the site should give a clear idea of different content allowing for direct navigation.



The access key makes navigation possible even without the mouse, by pressing "ALT + access key" ("CTRL + access key" for who uses Apple) which brings you to the main areas on the site.

The following key combinations are available on all the site pages for instant access to the different sections without having to use a mouse.

ALT+h goes back to the home page


To access the page using Explorer pressing ENTER after the keys is necessary.
With Firefox 2.0 browser and subsequent versions, the Shift ( eg. Shift+ALT+1) must be pressed first in order to get to the necessary page.
With Safari browser you just need to replace ALT with CTRL in order to get to the necessary page.

In short, the new site's web pages dedicated to disabled passengers (DP):
- XHTML 1.0 Strict is used
- CSS (CSS version 2.1) is used
- they guarantee at least one accessibility level AA (WCAG 1.0)

For any accessibility questions, page errors, suggestions or information you can contact the webmaster who manages the site.