ADR Assistance protects its user's privacy therefore ensuring that use of personal details respects the rights of the disabled individual's confidentiality and private life, as well as guaranteeing that the information required in the various areas on the site or otherwise acquired in the assistance procedure in Fiumicino and Ciampino airports will only be used in accordance with EC Regulation CE n. 1107/2006 relating to disabled peoples' rights for air transport and cannot be used in any way  against users who require the service.

The security, confidentiality, and classification, in its entirety and availability, of processed user information will be guaranteed as defined by Legal Decree n. 196/2003 "Privacy law relating to personal details".

These details will be stored carefully, using the appropriate security measures, in order to keep any risk of destruction, loss (even accidental), unauthorised access, unauthorised use or any other use where consent has not been given of the aforesaid data to a minimum.

ADR Assistance will have access to information and personal details in the course of its operations such as disclosing the user's health, which is considered confidential. This information is required by ADR Assistance for booking, organising and supplying its requested assistance service. ADR Assistance will guarantee extra security measures so that this information remains completely confidential.

All ADR Assistance site users are therefore asked to read the Privacy statement, Article 13 of Legal Decree 196/03 carefully, and can be seen on the various forms that require personal information.

ADR Assistance reserves the right to update the current privacy statement. Where major amendments are made, ADR will inform clients via their website.

ADR Assistance is happy to receive comments and suggestions regarding the current privacy statement. Contact us at: