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If you are taking advantage of the Care to Fly service, upon your arrival at the airport you will find our operators ready to assist you on the platform.

If you have booked the service of assistance to persons with reduced mobility, you can contact us directly at the check-in desk of your airline or you can indicate your presence in the air terminal to us at the Assistance Points or at the ADR information desks.  We will take care of you according to the times set out in the Service levels.

We recommend you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight leaves to make sure there is time to get the assistance you need. It is also important for you to have enough time to move through the airport without stress and worry.

If you have not booked the assistance service we will nevertheless welcome you, but keep in mind that waiting times may be longer.


After check-in, we will assist you at the security checks and, according to the time available before boarding, we'll accompany you directly to the boarding areas or, if you wish, to one of our Special Assistance Halls.

If you want to spend the waiting time visiting the shops and restaurants, remember to agree with your ADR Assistance assistants on a point and a time for a meeting which allows them to accompany you to the boarding gate on time.

You may be accompanied by one of our operators, if necessary, with one of our wheelchairs.

If instead, you prefer to reach the boarding area on your own, make sure of the acceptance procedures of the airline with which you are flying and make sure you have all the time necessary, aeroplanes don't wait for anyone!


In general, the passengers with reduced mobility are the first to board, in particular in cases for which the boarding operation is more articulated.

If necessary we will assist you to reach your seat on board with our chairs and we can also help you store your hand baggage.

If you have reached the boarding area with your own personal instrument, your airline will take care of storing it on board and will inform you of how to collect it once at your destination.

Some aeroplanes park on runways that are distant from the Terminal. In these cases we'll accompany you with our Minivan and, if you can't climb the stairs to board, we will use a vehicle called Ambulift. In the Ambulift you will be raised in perfect safety up to the door of the aircraft and our operators will help you board in a comfortable way.

Our Ambulifts are spacious and allow the boarding of several people at a time, however, as with the Minivan, we can normally ensure only one other person with you.