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How to prepare for your flight - booking the assistance service

When purchasing your ticket, or at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, inform the airline or tour operator of the type of assistance you will require. If you wish to bring your own wheelchair or mobility aid with you, inform the airline or tour operator of this requirement when purchasing your ticket or at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, specifying the type of wheelchair that you have. For more information, please see the “Plan your journey” section.


On the day of departure, ensure that you arrive at the airport in sufficient time for you to be provided with the necessary assistance. It is important for you to have the necessary time to move around inside the airport without any stress or worry.

Even if you already have a boarding pass, you must go to the check-in desk, contact points, ADR information counters or our special assistance lounges to make us aware that you have arrived at the airport - we will be ready to welcome you!

We will welcome you within the time limits provided for in the Service Charter 

If you have not booked the assistance service, we will be happy to welcome you anyway, but please be aware that waiting times could be longer, and the airline may have already started boarding passengers.


Once check-in has been completed, we will help you through the security checks and, if necessary, border controls, then escort you directly to the boarding areas, where our operator will take their leave from you once the boarding time and gate has been confirmed.

If you have a piece of hand luggage which does not exceed the size and weight limits prescribed by the airline (max. 12kg), we will help you to carry it; if you have access to the lounge of the airline you are flying with, the operator at the check-in desk will inform us of your needs and we will accompany you to the lounge.

Within the terminal, we escort you using our wheelchairs. For longer journeys, we use fully-equipped minivans on the airside, for which we can only guarantee taking one accompanying passenger. We will reunite you with your travelling companions at the boarding gate.

If you wish to spend your time at the airport visiting the shops and restaurants, remember to agree upon a meeting time and place with the ADR Assistance operator which will then allow them to escort you to the boarding gate in time, but please remember that we cannot take any responsibility in the event that you miss your flight.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go to the boarding area using your own personal mobility aid, make sure that you are aware of the acceptance procedures of the airline you are flying with and ensure that you have enough time - planes don’t wait for anyone!


Generally, passengers with reduced mobility board first, particularly in cases where the boarding operation is more complex.

If you have a disability, we will help you to get into your seat on the plane with our cabin wheelchairs.

If you have reached the gate using your personal mobility aid, the airline will place it in the hold and inform you of how you can recover it once you reach your destination.

Some airplanes park outside in areas away from the terminal. In these cases, we will escort you in our minivans, and in order to help you board the plane, we use a vehicle called an Ambulift if you are unable to use the stairs. The Ambulift safely and securely raises you to the door of the airplane, where our operators can help you board comfortably.

Our Ambulifts are spacious and allow us to board several people at the same time - however, as for the minivans, we can usually only guarantee taking one accompanying passenger.