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How to prepare for your flight - booking the assistance service

It is always a good idea to have notified the airline about the assistance you require in advance. That way, the flight attendants will be aware of your requirements and will be better equipped to interact with our staff upon your arrival at Fiumicino. For more information, please see the “Plan your journey” section.

Reception upon landing

Once you have landed, please wait in your seat for assistance. In order to be able to assist you safely, the airline disembarks all the other passengers first. This will make it even easier to identify all the people who have requested assistance. Occasionally, after landing, you may be temporarily accommodated on the seats near the gate. In any case, our staff will accompany you along the entire journey up to our dedicated stations in the baggage claim areas, close to the exit of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Here, we can arrange for your luggage to be recovered from the belt free of charge, though this may require the use of an additional operator and could therefore result in a reasonable wait. There is also a paid baggage portering service available. For reservations, please contact +39 06 6595 – 8349 or email

If you have no hold luggage but nonetheless require assistance beyond customs, we can escort you to the people who are waiting for you at the exit, or to one of the following points:

  • The Care to Fly point, where a vehicle will be ready and waiting to take you to your destination LINK caretofly
  • Directly aboard a train at the train station LINK RFI intermodal service
  • Taxi rank
  • Comfort multi-storey car parks
  • Car hire centre
  • Bus terminal

For this additional assistance, it may be necessary to wait for another operator.

If you have travelled with your personal mobility aid, the airline will take it out of the hold and deliver it to you directly on board or to the outsize baggage carousel, where we will escort you with one of our vehicles.