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Roads at the airport


With a private vehicle, you can go through the “Kiss & Go 15 minutes” area to access a Controlled Traffic Area (ZTC) reserved for passengers and accompanying people going to/from Terminals 1 and 3, where you can park for up to 15 minutes free of charge.

In the “Kiss & Go 15 minutes” area, there are a few parking spaces reserved for disabled badge holders on the arrivals level, in car park P BREVE SOSTA T1 (SHORT STAY T1) opposite Terminal 1.

Disabled badge holders can also access the following drop-off areas identified by road signs:

·       on the Departures level, opposite the entrances to Terminals 1 and 3, near the Special Assistance Points,

·       on the Arrivals level, in front of Terminal 1 (near the taxi stand) and in front of Terminal 3 (after the parking area reserved for vehicles for hire) in Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL). Stop & Go

Stop & Go is an area usually reserved for authorised operators (taxis, vehicles for hire, etc.), and to avoid receiving a penalty fine, access to the ZTL must be validated by communicating the vehicle’s numberplate and last few digits of the disabled badge to the relevant authority within 14 days from access.

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