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When you arrive at the airport, even if you already have a boarding pass, you must report your presence at the airport by going directly to the welcome desk of your chosen airline or to one of the other contact points in the Terminals (info desks) or in the external areas (yellow information boards).

If you have not booked the service, the airport will do its best to assist you as quickly as possible. However, there may be long waiting times before being greeted by one of our Operators.

We suggest that you arrive at the airport in advance of the departure time specified on your flight ticket and at least:
• 2 hours before departure for a Domestic/Schengen flight;
• 3 hours before departure for a Non-Schengen flight.

As soon as your presence at the airport is notified to us by the airline, you will be welcomed by our dedicated assistance staff, who will accompany you during all stages of your airport experience: from check-in, through security and document checks, to your Boarding gate.

In consideration of the obligations relating to information on the Covid-19 pandemic, we suggest that you arrive at the airport in advance of the recommended times.





In transit, we will do our best to ensure that you board your next flight. However, we recommend that you plan your trip carefully, considering the necessary transfer and assistance times within the terminal during the connection time between the two flights.

If you land to leave for another destination, you will need to wait for all passengers to disembark before being greeted by our staff, who will take you directly to the next boarding gate. In transit, your hold baggage will be automatically redirected to the next flight. However, we suggest that you check that you have the necessary documents with you for the onward flight.

If you are not in transit and still land and then leave the same day to another destination, consider that you will need to collect your baggage and go to check-in again and then go to your boarding gate later. So as not to miss your flight, carefully consider the time you will need to carry out all these procedures.




If you arrive from another destination, before leaving the plane, you will need to wait seated for the other passengers to disembark, so as not to risk losing assistance. When you disembark, our staff will accompany you from your seat on the aircraft to collect any baggage you may and then to a required point inside or outside of the airport (car park, train, taxi, bus, etc.).

To facilitate the recognition of your baggage and/or personal equipment, we suggest that you apply a distinctive sign (e.g., a label or a highly visible band) in order to help our staff identify your baggage in the baggage reclaim area.

We suggest that you read the baggage handling rules on the Travel Information page given that, if a second operator is required to transport your baggage to your destination, the waiting times at our meeting point could be prolonged.