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Commitment to quality

The Company's service is carried out according to established quality standards and shared, in liaison with disabled associations (the list can be seen on and with the airport user committee which is made up of carrier representatives and operators. Our company's service quality standards apply to management assistance.

As previously outlined in attachment 1 of EU regulations of 2006/n. 1107, we guarantee passengers that we will:

  • notify the airport on their arrival and request assistance from the designated points inside and outside the terminals;
  • convey them from a designated point to check-in;
  • complete all the check-in and baggage formalities;
  • proceed to the aircraft departure desk, carrying out emigration controls, customs and security;
  • board the aircraft by lifts, wheelchairs or other necessary means;
  • proceed from the aircraft entrance to the seat;
  • deposit and take off baggage on board;
  • proceed from the seat to the aircraft exit;
  • alight the aircraft, by lifts, wheelchairs or other necessary means;
  • proceed from the aircraft to baggage reclaim and collect baggage, carrying out immigration and customs controls;
  • proceed to baggage reclaim to a designated point;
  • take connecting flights and if in transit, with assistance on board and ground, in the terminals and between them according to the level of requirements;
  • bring them to toilets where necessary.

The service must be booked by the carrier with whom the passenger is travelling, quality standards applying to passengers. Where this does not take place, by going to an Assistance Request Point the passengers will still have the right to avail of assistance from personnel even if waiting times will differ somewhat.

It is emphasised that the service begins from the moment of arrival in the airport, therefore from the multi-storey car-parks and from the railway and bus stations.