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Contact Points


At the airport, you must report your presence at the contact points inside or outside of the terminal.


Inside the terminal:

• check-in desk of your chosen airline; 

• information desks;

• PRM reception points (Sala Amica).


Outside the terminals there are accessible columns (yellow information boards) equipped with a video intercom with a flashing call button positioned as indicated below.


At Fiumicino:

  • Departures - Terminal 1 (gate 5);
  • Departures - Terminal 3 (gate 1);
  • Arrivals – between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3;
  • Covered pedestrian walkways for access to Terminals A - B and C car multilevel parks;
  • Terminal C ground floor car park;
  • Train Station.


At Ciampino:

  • Departures – near the shuttle bus stop;
  • P3 Car Park.