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Hearing impaired passengers
To get assistance, according to the agreed terms with relevant associations, pursuant to Regulation N. 1107/2006/EC, the passenger can ask the airline who they have booked with for the service within 48 hours of the published flight schedule; the airline should therefore book the assistance service using its own computer system or our internet site, filling in the form within 36 hours of the published flight schedule. It is the airline's sole responsibility to book the service.

If a passenger uses more than one airline for their journey, it's advisable to ask the first airline for assistance to be assisted throughout the entire journey or while travelling. It's better to make the passenger's level of disability known for each stopover.

We also ask the passenger to fill out a reserved booking form at least 36 hours before the published flight schedule.

We would like to remind you that where ADR Assistance is not notified, within the aforesaid 36 prior to the flight, the carrier assistance request or the online option cannot guaranteed the specified level of service. Where no booking has been made, airport assistance is still guaranteed through the service request offices in  Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.

The ticket has an assistance code that specifies passenger needs according to international classification.

DEAF - Hearing impaired passenger. Deaf and blind passengers must be accompanied.