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Care to Fly transport service

“Care to Fly” is the door-to-door transportation service offered by ADR exclusively for Passengers with Reduced Mobility who have booked assistance services in the terminals. The new service is offered at competitive rates, with comfortable vehicles, to meet any need that passengers with reduced mobility may have.

How the service works

For departure, a driver will come to pick you up, along with any travelling companions you may have, at a time and place you choose in advance. They will take you to the airport where ADR Assistance operators will be waiting for you, ready to be at your side to help you during check-in, security checks and your arrival at the gate, all the way up to guiding you to your seat in the cabin. Vice versa, once you have landed, we will be on hand to take you home or wherever you are going.

How to book the service

You can book online on or, or by calling the call centre on: +39 0665079001 or