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How to request the assistance

According to European legislation on the subject, the airline with which one flies is responsible for the services on board, while the airport management company guarantees assistance in the stopover.

Therefore you can request the service through your airline, travel agency or tour operator (in their internet sites you'll find all the necessary information). The airline company will transmit your booking to us and we will thereby greet you at the airport.

We recommend that you request the service from your airline at the time you are purchasing the ticket or at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight time. To identify the type of assistance to be provided, international classification is used. In the box below you'll find a brief description.

If you forget to book, we will, however do our very best to assist you in the shortest possible time, but you will probably have to wait a slightly longer time.

If you're travelling with your own personal mobility instrument (wheelchair, electric scooter, etc.), please remember to inform your airline that, as for your luggage, is responsible to take care of it and define its boarding / landing procedures.

Guide dogs are welcome at the airport and on board your flight. Remember to inform the airline in a timely manner, and bring with you all the documentation that certifies your status.

If you are travelling using multiple airline companies, we recommend that you individually request the assistance for each leg of your travels.