דלג לתוכן

Q: Do I need to bring any special documentation to receive assistance?

A: Assistance for PRMs at the airport is not a health service and we do not require certificates, although the airline you fly with may request them in relation to your fitness to fly.

Q: If I am travelling with other people, can we stay together even if my companions do not need assistance?

A: We will never separate you from your escort if you need to travel with them. Otherwise, we always take into account your requirements and, subject to the availability of our vehicles, usually at least one of your companions will be able to come with you. When this is not possible, you will meet up with your companion directly at the gate, on the plane, or we will agree upon a meeting point together. That is why we recommend that you keep your travel documents and boarding pass with you at all times!

Q: Will I have the same operator assisting me the whole time I am at the airport?

A: We will try to give you a dedicated operator for your entire time at the airport. For logistical reasons, it is likely that you will be assisted by several operators. They are all equally well-trained and courteous!

Q: Can I travel with my personal mobility aid?

A: Certainly, but please be sure that you promptly inform the airline you are flying with that you will be travelling with your personal equipment. In the unlikely event that your mobility aid has been damaged during the flight, please immediately inform the airline. You will need to fill in a specific report at the baggage claim hall to obtain a case number. We will provide you with one of our wheelchairs until yours has been returned to you or repaired.

Q: If I check in online and already have a boarding pass, how far in advance do I have to arrive at the airport? Can I go directly to the boarding gate?

A: We recommend that you follow the advice given by the airline you are flying with as regards the boarding time and ensure that you have plenty of time. Don’t forget to let us know when you arrive at the airport via the request points, at the ADR information counters, or directly at our landside assistance lounges in Terminals 1 and 3.

Q: How can I give feedback on the service I have received?

A: We welcome all feedback to improve the services we offer. To say thank you or to make a complaint, please complete our online feedback form and we will look into any issue you may have raised.