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We recommend that you arrive at the airport early, and for this we suggest that you check with your airline for the timetables of presentation.

You can activate the service at the Assistance Points located at:

  • The train station, entrance to track 1
  • All the multi-storey car parks at floor level (except multi-storey A), and at the 3th level of multi-storey car parks D
  • The multi-storey car park E in the passage of access to the terminal building
  • Terminals 1, 3 and 5, on the external pavement, in the vicinity of the entrance to the Departures level
  • Terminal 2, on the external pavement at the Departures entrance and in front of the Cotral terminus at the Arrivals level


The Assistance Points are accessible totems equipped with an intercom having a flashing call button and a video terminal to obtain useful information to take advantage of the various services offered by the airport.

If the Assistance Point is under maintenance or temporarily not working, it is possible to indicate any need to the following numbers:

  • +39 06 6595 2961
  • +39 06 6595 22922


Special Assistance Halls

These are halls dedicated to the reception of Passengers with Reduced Mobility managed by ADR Assistance.

The halls are located at:

  • Terminal 1, at the Departures level, immediately after the safety crossing for the personnel, to the right;
  • Terminal 3, at the Departures level, near the ADR information desk.  It is the only hall accessible without the boarding pass;
  • Terminal 5, near the information desks of the airline companies;
  • The boarding area D near the exit of boarding area D1,  close to the lifts and the access stairways;
  • The outside Schengen transit areas, near the station of the Sky Bridge, connection shuttle to the boarding area E;
  • The boarding area E, near the stairways and lifts that lead to the Sky Bridge station.


Rest Rooms

All the rest rooms present in the Fiumicino Airport have an accessible service for the disabled. Every special assistance hall is equipped with rest rooms available for Passengers with Reduced Mobility.


Routes and tactile maps for the visually disabled

The accessibility of the Terminal for the visually disabled to and from the train station and the principal services available in the airport is ensured by means of tactile foot paths that are equipped with the relative sensory maps.


The lifts are all wheelchair-accessible and equipped with Braille push buttons.

Stable Safe Places

The maps that can be downloaded from our website (link) indicate the emergency exits that lead to the "stable safe places" and "calm spaces", in which people with reduced mobility can await help, contactable with the intercoms present in the rooms. The staff of ADR Assistance is trained to assist the evacuation of passengers in case of emergency.